The Hub for Promotional Products in Kansas City
Over a Century of Creating Lasting Impressions


Russell Hampton has been in the promotional products industry for over a century. All of those years headquartered in Kansas City. But it’s not time that makes us the hub for promotional products. It’s the fact that we’ve earned our customers’ trust, delivering premium quality branded items that are tailored to their brand, purpose and goals year after year, decade after decade. 

Think of Russell Hampton as
Your Chief Swag Officer (CSO)

And as your CSO, expect us to be a proactive partner who brings you fresh ideas for promotional products from all the key categories that are on trend and make sense to your brand, including:

  • Promotional apparel
  • Branded awards
  • Bags
  • Technology
  • Drinkware
  • Bundles
  • Eco-friendly promotional products
  • Housewares
  • Writing instruments
  • Outdoor-use promo products
  • Branded office products
  • Food & beverage
  • Branded travel accessories
  • Tools & auto
  • Health & wellness
  • Golf
  • Watches
  • To name a few…

Count on Russell Hampton to look for ways to maximize your budget and brand exposure with every promotional product order. That’s what an experienced chief swag officer does.

Let Russell Hampton Take Charge of Your
Event and Trade Show Calendar

Many of our customers are in the construction, finance and healthcare industries, plus we have served Rotarian organizations dating back to the 1920s.

One thing they have in common is their need for large quantity of promotional products for a variety of purposes, like brand exposure, community and industry events and trade shows.

Browsing, selecting and ordering branded promotional products requires a lot of time and effort. Then there is the pressure to choose unique items people will keep, which keeps your brand top of mind.

With Russell Hampton, you can simply give us your event and tradeshow calendar. Our team in Kansas City takes it from there, ensuring your organization and people have the branded promotional items they need exactly when they need them for:

  • Relationship building with premium gifts
  • Trade show giveaways that won’t be thrown away
  • Recognition
  • Branded company gifts with purchase
  • General-use promotional products
  • Campus recruiting

Company Logo Products
Aren’t All the Same

Let’s take logo pens, for example. You want your logo pen to become the one people keep because they like the feel of it and the way it writes. The feel and writing style aren’t things you can judge from a promotional product catalog or website. Our team recommends the best pen for your budget.

Looking for a signature item to make a statement? We’ll put on our thinking caps and create a list of amazing choices. Worried about your trade show swag ending up in the exhibit hall trash can? That’s when our team’s recommendations are needed the most.

Brand Management Support Included in Every Promotional Products Order

If your vendor acts like an order taker and never brings any fresh ideas to the table then you’re with the wrong promotional product partner.

Russell Hampton does more than take orders for promo products. We can coach your people on choosing the right branded products and how to use them to build and increase loyalty. Our brand management experts are always willing to share best practices and proven, helpful tips for maximizing budget and exposure.


That's Where Our More Than a Century of Experience Comes in

Our service isn’t just delivering products; it’s our passion and ideas behind them that bring extra value. You can’t find that in a catalog. It’s this type of white-glove service that relieves your stress so you can focus on your organization.

Let our professionals handle one order for you and you’ll never want to do it yourself again. Ever. Complete the form on our website, call or email us for your promotional product needs.