Think of Russell Hampton as
Your Chief Swag Officer

We're leaders in promotional items, bringing new ideas, promotion strategy support and branded products that are on trend and make sense for your business.


We bring fresh ideas to you and your team whether it's to stay top of mind or create a lasting impression.


We promote your brand while maximizing your budget, and of course without sacrificing quality.


We give solid recommendations that are on trend or ahead of their time and aligned with your brand.

We come through. Period.
That's what a chief swag officer does.

Brand Management
Expertise Included in Every Promotional Item Order

You want your branded products to help your organization stand apart from all your competitors.

We don't just deliver orders. We can guide your team on choosing the right promotional products and how to use them more effectively to build brand awareness and increase loyalty. Our brand management experts are always willing to share best practices, big-win stories and proven, helpful tips.

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Your Key Chains to the Kingdom

The right on-trend and on-brand promotional products can help open doors to the decision makers. Why risk using the wrong key? That's where our 100+ years of experience comes in.

Even though promotional items have changed between 1920 and today, the end result is the same. You want return calls, confirmed meetings, increased sales and closed deals.

Russell Hampton's service isn't just concepting, designing, creating and distributing branded promotional products; it's the passion and ideas behind them that deliver the return on investment you expect.

You can't find that in a catalog. Let Russell Hampton handle one order for you. You'll never want to do it yourself again.

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